See us on DIY & HGTV's Rehab Addict

See us featured on these episodes of Rehab Addict so far, filmed in Detroit and at our shop, old and new.

Season 4: 

"Cracked Pipe Kitchen"

 "Burnt Out Bathroom".

Season 6: 

 "A Grand Exterior" episode 1

 "Rebuild Below" episode 4

"A Grand Living Room" episode 5

 "Kitchen Overhaul" episode 6

"Leaky Bedroom Disaster" episode 7

"Solarium Refresh" episode 8

"Master Bath Overhaul" episode 10

"Rehab Attic" episode 11

"Grand Garage" episode 12

Rehab Addict Detroit (The Ransome Gillis house):

"Kitchen Reconstruction" episode 2

"Master Suite Makeover" episode 4

"Rebuilding A Back House" episode 7

Season 7

"Kitschy Kitchen" episode 1

"Mid-Centruy Bathroom Remade" episode 4

"Mid-Centry Bathroom Revival" episode 7

"The Basement Reborn" episode 10 

"A Surprise for Tess Part 1" episode 13

​"A Surprise for Tess Part 2" episode 14

​We are filming season 8 now!!!

Season 8

"​Master suite of mirrors"

"A kitchen nightmare"

"Returning to Campbell"

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Goto the link bellow to see Nicole's instagram post from the up coming season 8 house.

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